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LX80 SC10 2540mm f/10

The New LX80™ Series.

Now you no longer have to make the difficult decision between the ease of setup and operation of an alt-az mount or the versatility and long duration imaging capability of a German equatorial mount. Meade's LX80 is the only mount that gives you both plus one more - three computerized GoTo mounts for the price of one. The new line of LX80s with Multi-mount is the most innovative and versatile mid-range telescope system available anywhere.

Vixen-style dovetail OTA mounting.
The die-cast aluminum, industry-standard dovetail provides compatibility with most OTAs.

Heavy-duty mount
Rock-solid, stable platform with precision worm gear drives on both axes for both visual and astrophotographic requirements.

Sectional counterweight shaft
Allows for selecting the ideal shaft length for counterbalancing or dual-tube configurations.

Multi-mount adjustment
Quickly change between alt-az mode and German Equatorial mode.

Control panel
Includes power connector, handbox port and two auxiliary ports for connecting optional equipment.

Audiostar™ computer-control handbox
Meade's revolutionary AudioStar computer controller finds and points your telescope to over 30,000 objects in the night sky. With its Astronomer Inside™ digital audio technology, everyone around the telescope can listen and learn about the 500-plus celestial objects contained in its database, including planets, nebulae, star clusters, the Moon and much more.

Fine-tune tripod adjusters
Quickly and easily level your tripod for optimum pointing accuracy.

Stainless-steel tripod legs
Two inch diameter legs provide a stable foundation.


Whether your interests lie in astrophotography, direct viewing or solar observing, the LX80 is available with multiple optical tube options, making it easy to find the tube that fits your needs.

Meade's legendary Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical System. Refined and improved over the years, Meade's Premium Schmidt-Cassegrain (SC) optics give you the highest performance of any on the market. Meade uses waterwhite glass that delivers superior light transmission across the entire visible spectrum for our corrector plates, unlike inferior standard plate glass used by some other telescope manufacturers. Combined with our industry-leading Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) - with 15% better light transmission than standard coatings - and oversized, thermally-stable primary mirrors for optimum light collection, you get a spectacular viewing experience not available on competitors' SC telescopes.

Series 6000 ED Triplet APO Refractors. Designed specifically for the discerning astrophotographer or visual observer, Meade Instruments Series 6000 refractors offer incredible optics and ultra-precise crayford- style 10:1 dual-speed focusing and optional 2-element field flattener. Also included are full-sized cradle rings, Series 5000 die-electric coated 2 inch star diagonal with 99% reflectivity and a custom hard carrying case to keep that beautiful new telescope looking impressive for years to come.

Coronado SolarMax II. The Coronado SolarMax II™ is an incredible breakthrough in solar observing, with the revolutionary RichView™ tuning system built into every SolarMax II. Zero in on the most precise wavelength of light for each area on either side of the hydrogen-alpha (H-a) line for the highest contrast views of active regions, flares, filaments and other surface features or quickly retune for spectacular images of prominences on the solar limb. No other commercially available H-a telescope provides the tuning range and accuracy of the SolarMax II.

LX80 Multi-mount. The LX80 Multi-mount operates in three modes, German equatorial, single OTA alt-az and dual OTA alt-az. Setting up in any mode is quick and easy. The LX80 is built around a solid aluminum structure, with two large, tapered roller bearings that handle radial and thrust loads on each axis to carry larger loads up to a total payload of 40 pounds In EQ and altaz modes and up to 75 pounds in dual OTA mode. Its precision worm gear drives on both axes deliver smooth, accurate motion and Meade's proprietary SmartDrive™ provides periodic error correction that dramatically reduces errors providing performance only available on much more expensive mounts. Both the primary and secondary OTA dovetail plates are industry-standard for maximum compatibility with all of your OTAs. The LX80s computerized GoTo mount is controlled with the amazing AudioStar handbox with Meade's exclusive Astronomer Inside audio descriptions of the objects you are viewing.

LX80 Tripod. With large two inch diameter stainless steel legs, the all new LX80 tripod is rugged and stable. Built-in fine-tune leg levelers at the top of each leg make doing small adjustments the easiest they've ever been.

With the LX80's Vixen-style saddle, there is virtually no limit to the different tubes that can be used.

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The New LX80™ Series. Now you no longer have to make the difficult decision between (...See More)
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